Friday, October 9, 2015

October 2015

October, the holidays just around the corner and my birthday!! I get my kicks at 66 this month.   Rites of passage: I had cataract surgery a couple of days ago, and I am a new member of the bionic tribe.  They took out the damaged lenses in my eyes and put in plastic ones; like having contact lenses inside your eyes.   It is wonderful to be seeing the world so clear and purdy without the fuss of eyeglasses or contact lenses.  Amazing times we live in.

Next week is the FARWest Conference at the Oakland Marriott hotel. Whee!! It has been a busy September wrapping up preparations and next week we are going to have some fun.   For attendees, there are workshops, radio interviews, showcases, and networking opportunities.  For the general public, there are evening concerts, starting with the Pre-Conference show at the Freight & Salvage in Berkeley on Wednesday, and followed by the Venues' Choice Concert at the hotel on Thursday (where five venues spotlight artists they feel deserves broader recognition.   On Friday and Saturday at the hotel, the Official Showcases feature the winners (seven on each night) of the 2015 performing artist competitions.   The talent level is very high and the admission prices are so cheap -- y'all come, you will not be disappointed.   Check the links for more info, or email me.

I told you about the Strawberry Music festival in my last newsletter, and a week after all that fun, I had the pleasure of playing with JC & Laney at the Monkey House in Berkeley.   We had a small but appreciative audience and had a great time.  I confess I was hoping for a packed house because they are such fine performers.  I have been posting a lot of videos from that night, so maybe next time they come to town we can bring in a bigger audience for them.   (Ah, the life of the impresario.)   Here and here are a couple of videos from that night that are hot off the video editor.

Two weeks ago, I was at a cowboy poetry celebration at Emandal, a farm retreat down a long gravel road in Mendocino county.  Heard a wonderful western singer/storyteller, Dave Stamey.   Here and here are a couple of his songs, and there are many more on Youtube.   And if you haven't heard any cowboy poetry lately here is a fun one for you.

Played a tail gate party at Sacramento State last weekend (fun!!) and have winery and fundraiser events this weekend.  My next public show is at the Hopmonk in Sonoma, on October 25th.

Life is good here and hope the same for you.   What's up?

Roy Zat