Thursday, October 3, 2013

Music News You Can Use - October 2013

A little slow getting my October newsletter out; I've been super busy getting ready for the annual FAR-West (Folk Alliance Region-West) Music conference down in Irvine.   I am playing showcases on the way down and back with Songwriters At Play, playing several showcases at the conference, hosting my own showcase room;  and I am stage manager for the big acts on Friday and Saturday nights.  Whew!!  I am going to be one happy and tired puppy when it is all over.

I'll be driving down in my flashy new convertible.  Well, not really new.   I broke the back window out of it last month by lowering the top with a guitar case sticking up in the back seat.  The guitar is fine, and the wallet is recovering.  The new top looked so good that I had to get the car painted too.  Like I said, I been busy getting ready for Southern California :-).

Got some good music to tell you about.  I was at the American River Music Festival up in the California gold country for the first time in September.   It is a small festival in a beautiful setting.   Trevor Green was a nice discovery - a one man band with guitar, foot board, harmonica and didgeridoos!!  Great songs and sound.   Ray Wiley Hubbard was also a nice find.   Many other good bands too -- join me there next year!!

Did quite a bit of performing myself in September, too.  First time at the Ruth McGowan Brewpub way up in Cloverdale and that was a bunch of fun.  (I'll be back there in October and December.)  Had a four show weekend starting last Friday at the Monkey House Theater with the Don't Look Back String Band, a street party on Saturday, the Cole Valley Fair on Sunday morning, and the Piedmont Harvest Fair that afternoon.   All were fun and the Monkey House in particular is a real gem of a place -- put it on your list of places to check out.  

Got several club gigs coming up and a house concert.  Please check out my calendar for dates and details.  Your interest in my music making is very much appreciated.

Hope you are enjoying a beautiful Fall.   I always like hearing from you when you get the chance.    All the best,

Roy Zat