Monday, June 25, 2012

June is Winding Down and Here Comes July!

Hope you are doing well and looking forward to July like I am.

This is a bit early for my July newsletter, but I am sending it out now for a couple of reasons. I am going to be heading up to the Kate Wolf Festival this Wednesday and won't be back until early July. It usually take a few days to recover from the Festival: listening to music all day and playing music all night -- so I am planning ahead.

The second reason is that I have an interview with the Indie Showcase radio folks in Australia this Monday night (June 25th) and I want to let you know how to tune in. This is a big deal and I am really looking forward to it. To listen, just go to Join us in the Chat Room by going to the Main Menu on the left side of the page. Select Chat Room, type in a Nickname and press connect.

This will be a two hour show, so you can tune in any time between 5 to 7pm (that's my time in San Francisco). We'll be going through the songs on my Solo CD and talking about what was behind them, and also about the state of music for independent artists, which is very fast moving these days. You can send comments/questions/corrections :-) through the Indie Showcase chat room. The whole thing will be interactive and should be some fun. And for those who can't make it to listen to the live interview, the podcasted archive will be available afterwards on the Indie Showcase website.

Other news for July:

I'll be at my favorite Berkeley spot, Chester's, on Saturday, July 7th with Randy Rood and Reed Cooper. I told you about Randy's fine guitar playing last month, and we had a mighty fine time together then, and this month will be even better !! Michael Hanna and Sonic Boomerang will open, and I'll be sitting in with them for a few tunes too. Hope you can join us

I'll be at Chester's again on Thursday July 19th with Don't Look Back. Who's On Top will open. I put up a few more videos of Who's On Top (here) recently so you can see what we are up to. By the way, we'll be camping with most of Who's On Top at the Kate Wolf Festival and getting lots of playing time in. Bound to have some new songs come out of that !! Check out my website for more performance info: and clink on the Calendar link.

More nice news about internet radio airplay recently. This last week, ending June 22nd, Solo was at #5 on the Top 50 internet radio folk chart (here) and Collaborations was at #3 on their Roots Country chart (here). Not sure what this all means, but I like it.

And I hope life is good over your way too. Let me know what you're up to.

All the best, John