Friday, March 13, 2015

Music News You Can Use - March 2015

Chilly blow the winds of March.  Ha!!   Not in LA.  You would think it is May or June.

I've been here the last week or so, and had the pleasure of performing at four different venues.  Heard a lot of talented players, and I have a lot to share with you.   But first, a big thank you to Chappell and Dave Holt for inviting me to join them and share their tour.  We had fun and made some pretty good music together, I think.

Put Kulak's Woodshed on your radar screen.  Very fun, intimate club with a fully pro, six camera set-up and video crew.   The quality is excellent and the talent level is high.  You can see shows live on the web, and there is an archive of past shows too.  Here is a clip from our Friday show.  We opened for Severin Browne and his powerhouse band.  Here they are in action.  Yes, what an honor to play at Kulak's!   

On Tuesday, we were at JC Hyke's Songwriter Serenade, and had the pleasure of hearing JC, David Joy, Brooks Taylor and ourselves.  JC has a song that every itinerate singer songwriter needs to know. (And what a bunch of pickers he rounded up!!) JC doesn't have a video facility so you will just have to attend in person next time you are in the Pasadena area. 

Wednesday, I was at Brad Colerick's Wine & Song, another well known songwriter showcase you need to attend.  Anna Tivel and Justin Farren did fine performances, and both are very worth some of your screen time.  Watch this and this   I also sat in some, and played a couple of my own songs.  At the end of the evening, we played "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" in memory of Billy Block, one of the founders of the Americana music scene in LA, who had died that day.  This picture shows a ray of light shining down across the stage onto Ed Tree, one of Billy's good friends and former band mate.  A very moving and spiritual moment.

What is particularly wonderful about the folk scene here, beyond the high level of talent, is the welcoming and supportive community.  Shows are well attended and I've seen many familiar faces, some at all three of the shows above.  I like to think the same thing exists in some corner of the Bay Area but I haven't found it.  Can anyone set me straight?  Or maybe, I need to help start it -- hmm.

This Saturday, I will be at the Coffee Gallery Backstage, another well regarded folk club, to see John Zipperer and Friends, and JC & Laney.  I have a hunch it is going to be another great night of music, like this and this

Sunday I am back on the road north.  I will stop over on the Central Coast, where I'll play in Steve Key's Songwriters At Play showcase at Sculpterra Winery.  Steve and I co-wrote a song last January (here) and Monday we are going to see if the Muse is with us again.  If we're lucky, we'll perform it Monday night at Steve's showcase at Bang The Drum Brewery.  And then I'll be headed home.

I have the feeling next week will be a quieter one for me.  Catching up on the home scene, and working on my March 28th show with Dulcie Taylor and Aireene Espiritu at the Monkey House in Berkeley.  That's on your calendar already, right?   Other dates are below and on my website.  

Hope life is good over your way.   Always like hearing about what you are up to and listening to. 

Roy Zat