Monday, March 31, 2014

Music News You Can Use - April 2014

Here comes April and I am pretty excited about April 26th especially.   I am thrilled to be opening for Dulcie Taylor and Steve Key at Studio 55 in San Rafael and hopefully you already have this date on your calendars.   Trust me, it is going to be a special show.  Studio 55 is a wonderful listening room, and Steve and Dulcie are such pros.   Treat yourself to an evening of well-crafted songs and support live music (we thank you!!)   Here is the link to more info.
Steve Key and I are doing a couple of songs at the Freight and Salvage tomorrow (no fooling) and then on Wednesday at the Ivy Room.  (Got to let people know about our Studio 55 show.)  On April 12th, we are having a full rehearsal down in Paso Robles, and I'll be doing a couple of shows down there (on my calendar).
A lot of what was happening for me in February was still happening in March: working on FAR-West conference preparations; helping with the Freight; and a lot of recording with Kevin Harris.  Wish I had a song link or two to share with you, but I am going to wait until the songs are a bit more finished.   I will say that I am very happy with how things are going.   Aireene Espiritu sang a beautiful duet with me on "A Promise And A Rose"  (what a lovely voice she has -- visit her website!!) and Dorcas Moulton played some very sweet accordion on a couple of songs and will be singing with me on "Going For A Ride."   Stay tuned.
I did get out a bit and heard some fun music in March.  "Do Wrong Right" played Cafe Leila and that was fun (come on guys get a website).  Had the pleasure of playing at a fundraiser put together by Andrew McKleroy.   He plays in an awesome  Brazilian band -- Zamico -- check them out.
And finally -- I have been dusting off "Orange Blossom Special" for my friends up at Ruth McGowan's in Cloverdale.   Here is a version played by a whole line up of amazing fiddlers.  How many do you recognize?
Your turn -- send me some news.  Always nice hearing from you.

Roy Zat

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Music News You Can Use - March 2014

Hi Ya -- Is February the shortest month of the year or something?   Where did it go?!!

I saw two fine songwriters at the beginning of the month.  Christopher Smith and Steve Key are such fine songsmiths and performers, and the Bazaar Cafe is a wonderful place to hear music up close and personal.    Check them all out.

The next day I had a fun time with my Don't Look Back pals at Cafe Leila in Berkeley -- and what a turn out!!  Thank you loyal fans -- even in the pouring rain!!   We are going to need to upgrade our sound system if this keeps up -- hmmm, Kickstarter?

What else happened in February?  A lot of work on the FAR-West 2014 conference, and some for the Freight.  And, two fun music parties!!   Thank you Phil and Melissa, and Jackie and Fred for your hospitality and bringing together so many nice people and fine players, yourselves included.    Jackie and Fred have a band to check out here -- Jackie has an amazing voice and Fred is a guitar monster.   The Bay Area is overrun with talent -- like about everywhere else these days -- just do a random walk through YouTube.

Which brings me to my latest YouTube discovery:   Kenichi Ebina doing his Michael Jackson tribute.   Beyond his very cool moves, his  flexibility and stamina amaze me.  I am still learning how to tap my feet and play guitar at the same time.   Check out his other videos too.

Big news:  I am recording some new songs -- long overdue, I know.  I am working with Kevin Harris, a veteran producer and writer who I chased down after hearing records he had done with Larry K. Potts and Laura Zucker.     He is very good at helping me sound good -- here is a preliminary mix of the first one we've been working on together.   More coming.

Coming up on March 14th, I will be playing at the Ruth McGowan Pub  in Cloverdale with some friends, which is always a treat.  If you are up that way, I would love to see you.   (If you are not up that way, go see Claire Lynch at the OCA -- she is one of the best!!)    Oh, and please do put April 26th on your calendar if you haven't already.  I'll be playing with Dulcie Taylor and Steve Key at Studio 55 in San Rafael -- it will be a very special evening.

That's a bit of my story.   It's raining now and California is very happy.

all the best,

Roy Zat