Saturday, November 2, 2013

Music News You Can Use - November 2013

Hope you had a Happy Halloween and got more tricks than treats.  I have two neighbors who convert their front yards into graveyards and monster havens -- quite a destination for the goblins.  I gave out over 400 pieces of candy before I ran out.  Scary thought (and a lot of fun).

And OMG did I hear a lot of great music in October!!  I attended the FAR-West Music conference in Irvine, and played a number of showcases there and on the way down and back. 

Here are some links for you to check out.  

Phil Lee and here is his website, with more videos.   He is an entertainer!!

Red Moon Road a great Canadian band, with lots of videos on Youtube.  Here's one more.

JC and Laney  - Powerful vocals and songs!  I had a blast playing in their showcase room at the conference -- joining on some of their songs and having them with me on a few of mine. 

Dulcie Taylor  great songs and delivery.  Here is another.

Dan and Laurel   they play so beautifully together, and her violin playing is to die for!!  Many more videos on Youtube.

This is just a teeny tiny bit of the fabulous music I heard, and I feel guilty only listing a few folks here.   Check out the FAR-West website for more of the great musicians and bands that performed there.  And guess what, you Bay Area  folks??!!  The conference will be in Oakland the next two years, and you can come, even if you are not a performer.  There is so much excellent music to see and hear there.

Speaking of excellent music (what a segue), I am playing with poet Marv Hiemstra this Sunday in Cotati. Marv is a unique talent and writes clever and fun poems.  It is a real pleasure accompanying his readings with my fiddle.  The following Sunday I am playing a house concert near Petaluma.  House concerts are the best way to enjoy live music!!  Details are on my website: 

And oh yeah – my van quest has ended.  I got a Dodge Caravan and have already built a bed in the back.  Coming to a driveway near you...

Tis the month of being thankful, and I am very.  Hope you have a lot of blessings to count too.

All the best,
Roy Zat