Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Music News You Can Use - January 2014

Happy New Year -- we survived the December holidays !!  Pretty hectic, but fun and heart warming for me, and I hope the same for you.

Good music discoveries in December:
I continue to be impressed by the Central California music scene and Steve Key is right in the middle of it.  I was part of  Steve's tribute show for Karen Tyler, a fine blues singer songwriter from Paso Robles.  I heard and saw a wonderful parade of talented performers, some of whom like Steve,  Dulcie Taylor and Phil Lee I have mentioned in past newsletters.  Too many to list all, and unfortunately, some don't have much on the web I can point you to, but listen to a bit of Dorian Michael. Dorian led the backup band for the whole Karen Tyler show -- hot !! 

And I discovered a great venue in Paso Robles   The next time you are in the area try to see a show at D'Anbino Cellars.  You will not be disappointed.  Or, catch any of the Songwriters At Play shows that Steve runs.

On that same December trip south, I was at Brad Colerick's concert series Wine and Song at the Firefly Bistro in South Pasadena.  Brad brings in a lot of excellent musicians from all over, and I had the privilege of sharing the bill with Marc Black from New York.  A number of other fine players joined, including Brad and Chauncey Bowers - and good music was made!!   Here's a video from that night.   And, here is a video of one of my favorite Brad Colerick songs.

Closer to home, I also had a good time playing at the Ruth McGowan Pub the weekend before Christmas with my long time pal, Floyd Latimer.  Ruth's is a fun place and we'll be back there this Friday (but without the Christmas songs).     I'll be at another favorite playing spot this Sunday, the Kensington Market.  Really looking forward to that!!  Please check out my website for more info on all of this:

My resolution for 2014 is to keep doing what I am doing:  playing music, staying in touch with family and friends, hearing new music, and making new friends.   I am a lucky man !!

Best wishes to you for a great year ahead --

Roy Zat