Friday, May 22, 2015

Music News You Can Use - May 2015

Happy Memorial Day --  Strawberry Music Festival is this weekend in Grass Valley and I am going to miss it because I am in Washington DC about to become a grandpa.  How exciting is that !?!

I heard some pretty good music in May and (I like to think) made some too.   Teresa Tudury has a Sunday afternoon jam at her little shop, Such Fine Things, in Occidental, CA when she is not on the road.   I dropped in the last couple of Sundays, and had such a fine time !!    I wrote about Teresa way back in Februay 2013:  "Here is a fun video to give you a sense of Teresa, but she is so much more in person.   She has a background in musical theater, including many years with Beach Blanket Babylon; and she can be a riot one moment and so poignant the next."   All so still true !!   Here is another one of her fine songs.  ROFLOL as we say on FB. Excuse me, that should be AWSOFB.
Steve Harr was at the jam, and what a pleasure hearing and playing along with him.   This guy cranks out great songs !!  An old song for Steve is a couple of years old - for me that is one of my more recent songs.   Steve has a rich country voice, like a blend of Merle H, Randy T., and John A.   Here is a video, with Gary Grubb, a fine player in his own right; and here are some tracks on Steve's CD.

What else can I tell you about?   First time at theGenoa Cowboy Festival in GenoaNV this month.   What a gem of a town and fun little festival, just over the hill from Lake Tahoe in the Carson Valley.  Took advantage of being there, to visit some long time friends who have settled in the Smith Valley about an hour further into the desert.   Man, what a beautiful country we live in !!!

The next few weeks promise to be pretty transformative with little baby Zat due any day now.   I had better learn some lullabies.
That is my news.   Your turn -- always love hearing what you are up to.

Roy Zat