Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Music News You Can Use - August 2015

School has started and August is almost gone -- how did all of that happen so fast?

My big excitement these days is the upcoming show I have with JC and Laney, a duo I met at the FARWest gathering several years ago.  They live in Mesa, Arizona and don't get out here very often.   I hope you can join us on September 11th at the Monkey House in Berkeley.   I promise you, they put on a great show and it will be quite an evening.   Some videos to tantalize you:  here, here and here.   I'll be opening with Michael Hanna.

And speaking of FARWest, preparations for the October conference in Oakland have been underway for quite awhile now.   This will be my fifth year attending and volunteering.    If you are a folky musician of any flavor and have never been, you should.   Three days of non-stop music of the highest order.  If you are fan, you can come to the evening shows which showcase the best of the best.   I'll tell you more about that next month.

That's the forward view, and now the review:  had a very fun show with Keith Alan Mitchell in Oakland a couple of weeks ago, and played a wedding and farmers' market this month also. But, I was sorry to miss Jimmy LaFave's Bay Area shows this last month.   Damn!!   Put him on your list -- a voice to run a chill up your spine and put a tear in your eye.   See what I mean.

Spending quite a bit of time up in Sonoma County these days, looking for a place to start a house concert series.   And won't that be fun !!

So that is a bit of my news, always like hearing what you have been up to.

very best,

Roy Zat