Friday, May 31, 2013

Music News You Can Use - June 2013

June: the last few weeks of Spring, and Summer almost here.   In San Francisco, we'll be keeping our sweaters on for the cold fog season.
It is also music festival camping season.  I was at the Strawberry Music Festival over Memorial Day - so nice to connect with friends and hear great music.   And make some too!!   Saw some favorites:  John Reischman and also Laurie Lewis with Chad Manning. (He's a fine fiddler and excellent teacher.  Here is a video.  I was at this concert and it was a treat.  Chad's playing is so smooth and rhythmic, no wonder he plays with the best.)   And here is a nice video of John Reischman and the Jay Birds, showing John's fine mandolin playing.  The rest of the band is not too shabby and their vocals are lovely.  Lots of Laurie and Jaybird videos on Youtube for you to cruise. 
Richard Thompson was the headliner at Strawberry this year, and he rocked the place with his electric trio.  He is truly an amazing talent, but I have to say I preferred his solo acoustic set at the Kate Wolf Festival last year.   Saw some new bands at Strawberry too, of course.  Here is a video of the Black Lilies with lots more on Youtube.   Strawberry happens twice a year, and I'll be back at there on Labor Day.
Festivals!!  The Kate Wolf Festival is coming at the end of June, and I am so looking forward to that.   Last year, KD Lang was the headliner and she delivered absolutely the best performance I have ever seen by anyone ever.  OMG !!   Watch this.  This year's KW line up is pretty tantalizing, and there is plenty of room in my campsite - join me!!
And, more festivals!!   Here is a good place to check out summer music festivals going on close to you:  Do you already have some favorites?   Oh, please share.
I haven't made it to the stage of any big festivals yet (my five year goal), but I had a pretty full month of playing in May, and June is going to be more of the same.  (Life is good !!)  I sure enjoy being a part of Steve Key's Songwriters At Play showcases, and I'll be starting off my June playing a short set at his showcase at Vines on the Marycrest in Paso Robles on June 1st.  I am back at the Kensington Farmers Market June 9th, and fun, fun, fun, I have three children's music shows with Michael Hanna the following week.   Then, the week before the KW festival, I am playing a new venue, the Ruth McGowan's Brew Pub in Cloverdale, Friday June 21st.  Cloverdale is where I had my first regular Friday & Saturday dance band gig, so many years ago.   Reminds me of Joni Mitchell's song 'The Circle Game.'
So that's a bit of music news I hope you can use.   Let me know what you are up to and listening to.   Always nice to hear from you.    

Roy Zat

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Music News You Can Use - May 2013

May already?   Wow, April sure flew by!! 
Some big losses in April.  We lost George Jones; one of the great voices in popular music.   A favorite album of mine is his "Like A Rock."  Great songs on it - here.   And here is a nice video from his "Hits I Missed" album.
Lost my mom also this month.  She was one week shy of 95.   A major voice in my life but not one that I wanted to listen to sometimes.   She bought me my first guitar, and I worried her with how much I liked to play it.   She gave my sister and I a lot, and life will be very different with her gone.  This song speaks to that.   Some of the icons singing on this video are gone now too.  But the music and memories carry us on. 
Do you know about the No Depression website?  (Love that name.)  They review Americana music; the kind that I make: folky, rootsy, country, singer songwriter stuff.   They have a lot of good music to discover.  No, I haven't hit their radar screen yet.  Here is a video of one of my favorite singer songwriters, Kieran Kane.  Love the rhythmic groove that Kieran puts under his songs.
The internet radio site, Indie Showcase,  is another good place to discover music.  They are worth a visit at   Listen in to MomHensCorner show at 6pm on Wednesday evenings, nice mix of music from down home to folkipolitan to what else, Americana!   I have hit their radar screen, and I did a two hour radio show recently with them, playing some of the artists who have inspired and influenced me, in addition to a few of my songs.  What a treat!  If you missed it and want a listen, it is here.
This last month, I played a couple of Steve Key's Songwriters At Play showcases, where I always hear excellent music -- starting with Steve, of course, who I have already told you about.  A couple of folks to mention to you: Ragged Company, Tim Pacheco and Cindy Myers' new collaboration, was a pleasure to hear their beautiful harmonies.  Tim is a fine guitarist too, listen here.   I like Devin White also.  He plays with a cajon player - love that rhythm!!   Don't have a link for you -- you'll have to catch him live.
I did a lot of playing in April, and have some fun gigs coming up in May:  on the 1st with Allan Frank at the Guitar Merchant in Canoga Park (that's LA).   I am also very pleased to be playing with Larry K. Potts at the Aqus Cafe in Petaluma on May 11.   I'll be back at Ghiradelli Square too.   You can check my calendar on my website for details.
About my van dreams: when I run the numbers, for the price of the extra gasoline I can pay for a motel room.  A lot more comfortable.  Hmmm -- maybe I'll get a Prius and stay in nicer motels.  In the meantime, I get pretty good gas mileage in my Celica and it's got no top :-)
Thanks for listening and reading.   Sure do appreciate your interest in the music.  
Hope you are doing great, and all the best to you.