Friday, April 24, 2015

Music News You Can Use - April 2015

Well if I am going to get out an April newsletter, I had better get to it.    Been down with a bad cold but I am finally back in action.
First, musical discoveries to share with you:   I met and heard Doug Gill and Lynn Langham last month when I was at Steve Key’s Songwriters At Play show at Sculpterra Winery in Paso Robles.   Doug and Lynn  are veteran writers and performers from the Nashville area with impressive credentials, and it was a treat to hear such pros.   Here is one of Doug’s songs.   I take inspiration from Doug’s comments at the beginning of this video.  It is a long and sometimes rough road winding.  And here is one of Lynn’s songs.   You’ll find more of them on Youtube, of course.    Wonderful writers and very nice people.

I mentioned that I have been starting to use a looper pedal so that I can put down a guitar part and then play fiddle.    Sort of like this only more hillbilly.

My gig at the Monkey House last month went well, though we missed Dulcie Taylor who came down with the flu the day before the show.  (Every performers worst nightmare!)  Michael Hanna, my playing partner in Born Lucky, stepped in to help and with Aireene Espiritu and Ira Marlowe, a good time was had by all.   Here is a video of one of Michael’s songs.  

Gigs coming up:   This Sunday the 26th, I’ll be at the Hopmonk Tavern in Sonoma with Michael Hanna.    And I’ll be at Ruth McGowan’s in Cloverdale on May 16th.   Some private events  too, and then I am on my way to Washington DC to become a grandpa.

Yes,  you read that right:  I am going to be a grandpa.   The little fiddler-to-be is due on May 22nd.  How exciting is that !!??

Hope you are doing well too, and always love to hear your news.

Roy Zat