Sunday, March 3, 2013

I sure heard & saw some good music in February

February is a short month, but somehow a lot of great music was squeezed in.   (Note: Highlighted text below contains links to info, videos, etc.)

The San Francisco Bluegrass & Old Time Festival was a treat as usual.  Opening night was Casey Driessen, with Jimbo Trout; and it was fun!!    I tooted Casey's horn last month, and he did not disappoint.  Jimbo was excellent with two hotshot fiddlers, Leif Karlstrom and Annie Staninec (how do they get so good?!), a fine steel man, David Phillips, and Steve Neil solidly on the standup bass.  The Crooked Jades closed the festival eleven days later, and there were so many good shows in between.   Check out the website, and put next year's festival on your calendars now: Feb 6th through Feb 15th.

The Teresa Tudury concert at Stevie Coyle's Mighty Fine Guitars shop was excellent.  Here is a fun video to give you a sense of Teresa, but she is so much more in person.   She has a background in musical theater, including many years with Beach Blanket Babylon; and she can be a riot one moment and so poignant the next.

One more concert: I was lucky to get a seat at Maurice Tani's house concert last weekend before it sold out.   It was an all acoustic evening, and he was downsized from his full band,  and what a fine songwriter and performer he is!  A beautiful home in the Oakland hills with a view of the city lights and the bridges, great food and fine music -- thank you to Cindy and Eric at SYLA Presents for such an enjoyable evening.   If you haven't heard music at a house concert, you need to.   Here is another linkto help you find some.

Pretty quiet month for JRZ and Friends, just the Kensington Farmers Market gig (one of our favorites!)    I'll be back there with Patty Hammond and Dorcas Moulton on March 10th  -- looking forward to that.    I'll also be down in San Luis Obispo at the SLO Down Pub on March 28th at one of Steve Key's excellent Songwriters At Play showcases.

Speaking of songwriters, I went to a songwriting master class with Pat Pattison last Thursday.    Not only is Pat deeply knowledgeable about the craft, he is an excellent teacher.   If you songwriters out there don't yet know about him, check him out here.   I have signed up for his more in depth songwriting class through Coursera -- a good resource for quality online classes on lots of topics.   With a Bob Baker marketing class, and performance work with Vicki Ambinder,  I am staying out of trouble.

Did I say trouble?   I am thinking about getting a van so that I can be a real musician, and I spell trouble "Westfalia."   It pains me to let go of my fun convertible, but I need something that is better for highway trips, hauling gear and big enough for an occasional sleep over.   A challenge figuring in utility, reliability, gas mileage, repair cost, and purchase price.   I am thinking Ford or Chevy, or ?   Any opinions?

Always good to hear from you.   Let me know what you are up to and listening to.

All the best,  

Roy Zat